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Essential Oil Uses

In my search for natural home remedies for hair and skin, the use of essential oils piqued my interest. I reached out to NOW ( and they were kind enough to send me a few of their oils.

IMG_8558_optThe uses of these oils are varied and include:

  • air fresheners
  • bathing
  • diffusers
  • hand and foot soaks
  • hair and skin care (keep an eye out for these in a post next week)

IMG_8559_optBergamot, Anise and Orange oils are known to improve mood and relieve anxiety.

I liked them so much I put in an order at for a few others and have been loving experimenting with the different uses. Cassia, clove and nutmeg in a diffuser give a great warm scent to my kitchen, making it feel like there’s always cookies in the oven. Peppermint and lemon in soaks help soothe tired hands and feet. For laundry, I use eucalyptus to help disinfect and lavender to leave a nice calming scent, especially for bedding and towels. My dad just started using Bergamot for treating vitiligo, a skin pigmentation problem he suffers from.

NOW sent me the following two recipes as well. I thought the holiday ones were perfect for the upcoming season.

Holiday Recipes Romantic Blends

I found this website to be particularly helpful as a reference for finding uses and benefits for a bunch of different oils: oils